Country meet-ups and annual conference.

Stimulating events

Advancing together

We have two types of events to help achieve our goals of: equipping people with the skills and knowledge to design thriving organisations and building a community of credible professionals in the process. 

What is it?

We have regular country meet-ups where we get together to explore emerging trends or themes, with provocateurs and group debate. We also come together once a year at our renowned annual conference.

How does it work?

Most of our country meet-up events are ‘open to all’ so you don’t have to be a member to attend. You can sign up by browsing the scrolling events below. Our annual conference is also open to all, with discounted tickets for members.

Why is it valuable?

You really get a sense of the breadth of experience and diversity when you attend an event. You don’t just gain new knowledge and skills, you make meaningful connections for life.

Country meet-ups

We want to build and advance the community, practice and strategic role of Org Design. So we keep members engaged with the trends and practices by having timely meet-ups.

Currently we have country groups and brilliant country leads that facilitate sessions.

Annual conference

Each year we gather to reconnect with each other, synthesise best practice and create new knowledge.

Typically, we have a handful of keynote speakers and provocateurs to stimulate thinking, and then we explore what the community wants, through Open Space and other large group processes.

London 2019

We explored the theme of designing and leading technology enabled organisations.

London Storybook

Budapest 2018

We explored the theme of designing for business ecosystems; connectivity, platforms and digitalisation.

Budapest highlights video

Dortmund 2017

We explored the theme of practical operating models, digitilisation, customer centricity and agility.

Dortmund Storybook

Barcelona 2016

We explored the theme of thinking, feeling, doing, playing Org Design for 21st century organisations.

Barcelona Storybook

2022 conference

We are back. Together in Bilbao, this October.

Stay tuned as we announce more detail on our first in-person conference for three years. Get reconnected with your EODF friends, be prepared to make new ones and share new learning. Secure your ticket today.

What participants say 

“I’ve met wonderful people at the conference each year, really enjoyed the diverse crowd of practitioners and loved to discuss, learn, network and dance together. I found a tribe there. Finally, after so many years of working alone in the field of people and org development. A joyous feeling of belonging.”

Helga, Germany

“I come back to the EODF year after year… because like-minded people share honest expriences of what works and what does not. 

Always interesting, often challenging, every year inspiring.”

Giles, The Netherlands

I was recommended EODF by Paul Tolchinsky, whom I have discovered through Naomi. And than I have met amazing people as Elvira, Niels, Stelio, Julie, Nick, Jeroen, Ana, Stu, Mark … people on three continents united by their passion and curiosity of re-designing the work, the eco-systems, the world. Community, a family, ohana

Roxana, Romania

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