If your dream is to become an ‘Organisation Design Professional’, then you have come to the right place!

An ambition to become an Organisation Design Professional is an investment in your future. EODF’s aim is to develop our profession by providing a platform where experts and developing professionals come together and share their wisdom and knowledge. 

The Stuart Wigham scholarship was created to support developing, upcoming professionals pursuing their education in Organisation Design at a recognized institution.  

  • To qualify for the scholarship, the applicant must not be in full-time employment whilst undertaking the scholarship supported study. 
  • The scholarship will be funded from the EODF. 
  • The grant (up to £5,000) will be paid as a one-off payment.
  • Students who haven’t had the opportunity to enter higher education due to financial constraints will be given priority in the selection process.

Our aim is for the scholarship to provide an opportunity for a developing Organisation Design Professional to study and further their career. We welcome candidates from across the world and are determined to master the art of Organisation Design to apply for the scholarship.

Before Applying


  1. You must be a citizen of, or living in, a European country. Requests received from developing countries (aligned to criteria defined by UN) will also be considered
  2. You will not be in full time employment in your designated expertise while you are undertaking full time education, i.e. your employer is not funding your education. However, you can continue to earn an income through other types of employment while you pursue your education.  
  3. You must have been accepted onto an officially recognised educational institution (the institution must be accredited by the appropriate in-country education governing body).
  4. You must pursue your education/research in an area where organisational design is the core component.
  5. You must agree to share your knowledge gained with the EODF community. E.g., in the form of curated content, a synopsis of your work and the findings.
  6. If you have been selected for another EODF scholarship, then you will not be eligible for this scholarship award.
  7. If you decide not to proceed with the chosen education after the scholarship award (during the academic year), then you will need to repay the scholarship fund to ODI.

What our members say 

“Stuart focused on helping me unpick a complicated web of theory, models and opposing points of view. He helped me enter the context in a relevant way and organise things in a way that first explains the outcome of what felt like a HUGE jigsaw, then deconstruct it and build it back up again, piece by piece. He taught me to remain ever curious. Sadly, Stu is no longer with us, but his legacy lives on in everything I do and in the wider EODF community”

Chris, UK (mentee)

“For me mentoring is much more than transferring my knowledge, it actually helps ME in many ways. Through the conversations I can connect to new people (which I love!), and get exposure to other companies and fresh perspectives – sometimes even amazing how people new to the field can bring freshness and new thinking. This helps challenge me why I work and think in a certain way. I love this chance to connect and two way learning!

Hajni, The Netherlands (mentor)

“Seriously, Mark was amazing at challenging my thinking and also introduced me to some new approaches, different consultancy styles, and insight into a larger portfolio of large group interventions to support me further as a ‘Process Consultant’. Marks curious style of inquiry was really useful as it helped me to self-reflect, my practice and my thinking…
offering alternatives and learning from his extensive experiences…”

Gareth, UK (mentee)

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