Expert-led immersion

Providing foundations

Have you ever wondered how successful organisations align their operating model with their strategy? Do you want to learn about the different aspects of Organisation Design and how to make it real?

Check out our four masterclass options below.

What is it?

We offer four masterclasses which give you the foundational knowledge and skills to be a credible practitioner.

Learn in a hands on environment, with real case studies, from faculty who are certified in Org Design, by ODF, ODC and EODF. 

How does it work?

Our masterclasses are open to everyone, and our members receive a discount.

They are a series of modules that build on each other, suitable from beginner to experienced, and available in English plus other European languages.

If you have a question before booking, or maybe you want to arrange an in-house masterclass, get in contact with us.

Why is it valuable?

As a professional association, we combine our knowledge of different concepts and methodologies, so you get a real range of tools and ideas. 

Our faculty experience has breadth and depth; from multiple industries, and internal and external consulting and leadership roles. These classes count towards your CODP certification.

Masterclass curriculum 

Module 1: Seeing and thinking design

An introduction to design thinking and understand the place of organisation design in this broader movement.


  • You’ll walk away with: an understanding of design thinking and the history and trends in organisation design
  • Choose this module to: broaden your perspective on the field of organisation design and the principles behind it.

Module 2: Doing design

Learn the ‘how’ of organisation design: different end-to-end design approaches, each with their pros and cons.


  • You’ll walk away with: a complete design process and the skills to ‘diagnose, assess & analyse’ and develop future design criteria
  • Choose this module if: you are planning a redesign project and want to get started.

Module 3: Making design real

Learn how to make organisation design actionable and real, in a hands-on day using case studies for practical understanding.


  • You’ll walk away with: experience of designing structures, jobs, management and integration mechanisms
  • Choose this module to: help you plan your Strategic and Operational Design efforts.

Module 4: Living the new

Learn how to implement design, in a hands on day exploring different contexts and real case studies.


    • You’ll walk away with: the competence to plan an implementation road-map which delivers a sustainable new design.
    • Choose this module if: you want your redesign efforts to deliver your desired results.

    Book a masterclass 

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    Become certified 

    In the certified organisation design practitioner (CODP) programme, we endorse individual professionals that meet our global set of requirements for certification.

    The programme is developed and managed jointly by the Organisation Design Community (ODC), Organisation Design Forum (ODF) and the European Organisation Design Forum (EODF).  

    What participants say 

    “Having the pleasure to attend the EODF masterclass, it brought up many ‘aha moments’ and definitely helped me and my team be better equipped to bring org design to life. We learned how to approach design and exchanged experiences. Totally recommended!”

    Alfonso, The Netherlands

    “Great format. Great content. I will definitely recommend.”

    Houdra, Germany

    EODF encouraged me to think in a new format that was proactive and in the mindset needed for proper planning and design. I was able to get a new framework and principles to work with that I knew could help me mitigate the risk of implementation and the success of our reorganisation. The skills provided and learned were invaluable and clearly apparent even just after the first day. I still find myself using them in other decision making factors as part of a department management team

    Jonathan, The Netherlands