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#1 In the know

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#2 Global conversations

Our monthly online global get-together, fuelled by a curated content newsletter

#3 Events

Country meet-ups and the renowned EODF annual conference

#4 Masterclasses

Four expert-led masterclasses, open to everyone

#5 Mentoring

Explore our fantastic opportunities to be mentored or join our list of mentors

#6 Book club (pilot)

We’re piloting an org design book club, keep your eyes peeled on social media

EODF in context

Whether you’re new to the field or an experienced practitioner or educator, you’ll be made to feel very welcome here. Here’s a message from Paul and Jeroen to put the community into the wider context.

Designing thriving organisations

  • We believe in the power of a community; to share stories, experiences and help one another with complex challenges, so we learn and advance together
  • We’re inclusive and members are a diverse mix of people new to the field, experienced practitioners, people with multidisciplinary skills, educators and academics, and organisation leaders
  • We’re a not-for-profit organisation, supported by globally-renowed experts, who offer their wisdom in return for stimulating brilliant minds to design thriving organisations

Frequently asked questions

How is EODF different to other professional communities?

We are a pan-European community with global touch points of experts that’s multi-cultural and multidisciplinary. As a Forum from the Greek definition, people can come and discuss, debate, learn, discover. It’s not a movement but a “gateway for exchange” where we acknowledge and embrace multiple methodologies, models and create an opportunity to learn.

What is the practical value of joining?

Access to experienced and diverse people who can help with your aspirations and challenges. Expert education, mentoring and resources, that are purposefully curated for you, from the very best practitioners and educators in the field. Rapidly build your confidence and credibility.

What's the atmosphere and vibe like?

We hope you get a ‘feel’ for the vibe browsing our website and social channels. We’re a welcoming group. We trust each other with the knowledge, experience and stories we exchange and will do our very best to help you with whatever challenges and aspirations you have.

What types of people are members?

The community is diverse, with 29 countries participating. We characterise our members as: new to the field and learning, multidiciplinary with many skills and adding Org Design to their toolkit, educators and practitioners who teach and lead the field, and also brokers who seek information and access to experienced practitioners.

What do I get for my money?

Full member benefits are listed on our ‘join us’ page under 3 types of membership, but the short answer is access to: credible resources, expert advice, education and discounted events. Many of our members benefit from life long professional and personal connections.

How do I get involved?

You can join as a member and access all the benefits listed on ‘join us’ page. Or, choose to follow us on social media, via our newsletter and some of our free “open-to-all” local country meet-ups. 

Wisdom and wizards

From Johannesburg, USA and The Netherlands. Some say wisdom, others claim wizardry. We call it brilliant minds designing thriving organisations. 

“Based in Johannesburg means that I am reasonably isolated from the international OD community. I absolutely love the monthly community conversations in which we discuss the EODF newsletter articles. The fact that someone else has selected these articles pushes me out of my comfort zone. I actually read them (where I usually skim most papers) and think about them critically. I am especially appreciative of the opportunity to connect with and learn from some of the people I consider to be the global gurus of our industry.”

Janet, South Africa

EODF is where I build relationships and learn from other professionals. Apart from having a good time this helps me to stay sharp and gives me access to a network of true experts that help each other

Jesper, Denmark

EODF is where the wizards of organisational design hang out. Early in my career, when the systems I designed didn’t achieve the desired business results, I was told that it was due to issues in organisational behavior. That was true enough, but not sufficient. Later when the more complicated systems that I designed didn’t achieve the desired business results, I was told that it was due to issues in organisational development and change. That was true enough, but not sufficient. Later when the complex systems that I designed didn’t achieve the desired business results, I was told that it was do to issues in organisational design. That was true and sufficient.”

Ernest, USA

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