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Stories from the field

Here’s three stories to bring our definition to life: Organisation Design is a systematic and holistic approach to aligning and fitting together all parts of an organisation to achieve its defined strategic intent.

Story #1: “we need a fleet, not an archipelago”

Cole Elevators is a family business with a history that dates back to 1875, headquartered in Southampton.

The executive board wants a future-fit design for Cole Elevators International, which ensures a more uniform way of working worldwide and clearer reporting lines for the local subsidiaries. The CEO has said he wants “a fleet instead of an archipelago”. At the same time, the local entrepreneurship of managing directors should not be frustrated by the changes in the organisation design.

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Story #2: “a new generation is here, we must modernise!”

NSP is a French insurance company which sells insurance to firms in the agricultural sector (B2B). Traditionally, their strong suit has been customer intimacy. Now that a new generation is taking the reins in the sector (dominated by family businesses), the continued business for NSP is no longer evident. The younger entrepreneurs are much more critical of cost and of a flawless online interaction with their insurer. NSP’s management has realised they need to modernise if they want to survive.

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Story #3: “engaging 2,500 employees in a design process”

The massive challenge facing the automotive industry today is how to make the leap from a century of combustion engines and fossil fuel to a future or electric and autonomous driving vehicles.

Over the course of 12 months, applying high engagement principles and practices, the consultants and leadership team engaged the whole Continental HEV system (over 2,500 employees, in 10+ countries) in redefining strategy, realigning structure and reshaping the culture of this organization.

Curious on co-creation? Read the full story here.

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