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In theory…

Organisation Design is a systematic and holistic approach to aligning and fitting together all parts of an organisation to achieve its defined strategic intent.

In practice…

It’s cocreating with 2,500 people, using digital to reach new customers, sparking organic growth, and more…

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“I come back to the EODF year after year… because like-minded people share honest experiences of what works and what does not.

Always interesting, often challenging, every year inspiring.”

Giles, The Netherlands

“As a practitioner of organisation design, the EODF conference has become a yearly treat for us as a team. Few communities offer the same level of insight, shared enthusiasm and opportunities for making strong connections in our field of work.”

Benny, Belgium

“Joining EODF I got access to a close community who are only too willing to trade secrets with you, to whatever depth you want. These are people driven by a common purpose and constantly share amazing stories that really bring org design to life.

Chris, UK

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