Henri Kivioja

Henri is Head Coach at Ericsson Finland. He has been working in R&D more than 13 years in different roles. His main insights come from scaling lean and agile into complex environment. Henri has been presenting his learnings at different conferences during past years and comes up always with a clear and inspiring message.

“When I look around I see very clearly two ‘forces’ fighting: the world and how we experience it and our attempt to understand and control it. You may call the latter dogma, intent or process. What we usually try to achieve with this is a simplified view and linear cause­effect dependencies for better understanding. The other entity is entropy. In our surroundings entropy is everywhere”. It is valid for SW and product development and it is valid for human interaction, information and work. Henri focuses on how people have learned to dance in the unbalanced world of these two entities. What have been the tools and thinking when moving beyond lean­agile? How we apply systems thinking and how we address people business? How our leaders have learned to dance with the system?