Dawna Jones

Connecting Decisions to Creating Prosperity

With more than 25 years’ experience in facilitation and leadership development, Dawna Jones has a profound understanding of the science and spirit behind personal and organizational achievement. She combines these to help organizations and individuals tap into their innate wisdom in order to design a vibrant future. Through her work, Dawna aims to shift perspective to expose the invisible elements driving a given situation. From this place, her clients can expand their thinking, gain insights and take action.

Change-innovation facilitator, author, speaker, and consciousness coach, Dawna merges the conceptual with the practical, so her clients clearly understand and are empowered to take their next steps. Dawna loves travel, horseback riding, writing and hiking. She trusts in the power of the human spirit to overcome the humongous challenges that face us and our planet today.

Dawna also has a habit of engaging in the unknown knowing that it’s where trust and creativity intersect and flourish. For example, she’s completed the treatment for a game where the player experiences transformation of their decision-making, revealing their values on the path to raising self-leadership consciousness using Virtual Reality as the platform. The ultimate vision is to create collaborative impetus for a full-on adaptive reality game to tackle the big issues.

Dawna loves to provoke the evolution and transformation of company cultures to become more ‘fit’, agile and innovative. Since the thinking that got us here can’t fuel the decisions that will raise ethical standards and accomplishment, she instigates a different way of seeing and thinking about the everyday challenge of creating cultures and workplaces where employees can contribute their creative talent in unprecedented ways. She’s the author of Decision Making for Dummies, a speaker and a tad nomadic.